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  • Seb Karamyar

L'assassino (1961) dir. Elio Petri

Confusion. Bureaucracy. Shadows. Faceless people, why are we here? Being led along a thread of beauracy with no apparent reason. Crimes of passion, but who? L'assassino under shadows, Kafkaesque shadows. How much freedom do we deserve? Martelli lives how he wants, but do we actually know what he's done. Fidelity. Betrayal. Flickerings of time, back and forth. The future and past intertwine. Exciting new love vs stability, but doesn't the new love eventually become the old boring love. What would we be like if someone looked over our every action, our lifetime, our history. To judge each action. Would we change, regret? Or perhaps some wouldn't be phased. Martelli looks back, back into time. Reaching into his soul...and there is some light there. Some humanity. Or is there? There's definitely reflection but it's left in mystery, Kafkaesque mystery...has he really learned anything in the end?

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